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Morgan Visconti - Can't Say Goodbye

Morgan Visconti – Can’t Say Goodbye

"Can’t Say Goodbye" is a collaboration between Morgan Visconti and friend and copywriter, Erin O’Connor. The lyrics, by Erin, are about a stifling relationship and the apathy and fear of wanting to break free. Erin also features on vocals. The video, directed by EVER_AFTER Film+TV, is based on a story by Morgan. It sets a domestic soap opera in deep space, marooning two estranged lovers on a barren, ice-moon with no hope of escape.

The single and EP will be released shortly and will include remixes by Mickey, Lusine, Ghosting Season, Gareth Williams, Shengi and Sloan Alexander.

Definitely one to look forward to, and we should not be surprised. Music is a part of Morgan's very core. He's the son of famed record producer Tony Visconti, who has worked with David Bowie, Kristeen Young and more notable musicians that I dare try to list. Like his father before him, if "Can't Say Goodbye" is any indication, Morgan Visconti will be one to watch. Follow Morgan on Facebook.

Via Dance Music Northwest.


Phoria – Red

From the BLOODWORKS EP. In one review ahead of the EP's release, the reviewer wrote "This ... isn’t just reminiscent of Radiohead, this is reminiscent of Radiohead at their best."